Parkinson's Benefit Ball

...A life time of love and support

You are cordially invited to

the Parkinson’s Benefit Ball

on July 20, 2019

Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey

4650 Linde Rd.
Harrisburg, PA. 17111
(717) 564–5511


Cocktail Hour 5:00 PM

Dinner 6:00 PM

live music & open dance floor  7:30 PM


Dear Friends,

There are over 100,000 individuals with PD in the state of Pennsylvania but only a handful of support groups and exercise programs tailored to PD patients and caregivers.  Many continue their journey feeling alone. Regular exercise and similar wellness activities (dance, art, etc.) are so effective in improving the motor symptoms as well as overall quality of life in people living with PD. We hope this fundraiser can help change that. We want to establish more support groups, free exercise programs, and free transportation so that these services are accessible to everyone in PA.

The PD Benefit Ball will be a night of dinner and dancing for PD patients, caregivers, family, and friends. Dancing has been shown to improve the movement problems seen in PD as well as improve their overall mood! We hope this evening out for the patients and all of us who are there to support them would be a stress-free night out!

Your Parkinson’s Benefit Ball Team

Meet our band!!